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666 Kirkwood Ave., Suite 203
Ottawa, ON K1Z 5X9

Eligibility Criteria »
Read the CIFVF's Mission and its eligibility and selection criteria for funding film and video projects.

Guide - Development »
Before investing time and resources preparing an application, you should ensure that you and your project meet the Funds eligibility criteria. To this end, you should begin by reading the CIFVFs Eligibility and Selection Criteria for Film and Video Applications.

Guide - Production & Post Production » provides advice on how to complete an application for development or production or post-production financing.

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  • Application Form (in Word Format)
  • Guide - CIFVF Development Applications (Full Document in PDF Format)
  • Guide - Production & Post Production
  • Eligibility Criteria

    To all applicants:

    Before investing time and resources preparing an application, you should ensure that you and your project meet the Fund’s eligibility criteria.  To this end, you should begin by reading the CIFVF’s Eligibility and Selection Criteria for Film and Video Applications.  Copies of these documents and the application forms are available at the CIFVF office and on its Web site:

    The CIFVF receives about 200 applications at each Deadline, many more than the Fund can support and only a proportion of the applications will be successful.  A well-prepared and presented application package, setting out a business-like proposal, will give you your best shot at success.  The information and advice that follows will help you prepare just such a package. 

    The Application Package

    A complete application package for CIFVF financing consists of

    A. Four copies of the signed application form and four copies of the supporting documentation that CIFVF requires. Each set of copies must be bound, or presented in a binder, with a table of contents that identifies the page or tab number for each section of the submission. Numbered or colour-coded dividers should separate the sections.

    Application packages which are not bound and tabbed will be returned to the applicant.

    Please note that there are separate requirements for development financing and production financing. These are described below. For post-production applications, please refer to the requirements for production financing.

    B. Supporting audio-visual material on videotape for production and post-production applications.

    C. A processing fee of $50.


    • The full application package must arrive at the CIFVF office by 4:00 P.M. on the day of the Deadline. The CIFVF will not accept applications arriving after that date, even if they bear postmarks for the date of Deadline or earlier.

    • Applications and all the supporting documentation for projects that will be produced in both English and French must be submitted in one language only.

    • " CIFVF office will review each application package and advise the applicant, by fax or email, whether it is complete. If your application package is not complete, you will have 72 hours to deliver the missing material to the CIFVF office.

    • Failure to provide a complete application will render your project ineligible for consideration for the current Deadline.

    • The CIFVF will only begin to accept applications one month prior to the Deadline date. Any applications sent in before this time will be returned to the applicant.

    Application Form

    Your application form must

    • be completed and signed by you, as the producer.
    • be typed or, if completed by hand, printed in a readily legible style.
    • contain the applicant's telephone and fax numbers, and email address. If you do not have access to a fax machine, or if your telephone is also a fax modem, please specify.

    The application form contains a checklist of the supporting documentation required by the CIFVF. By signing the application form you are confirming that you have addressed all of the Fund's criteria.

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