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Eligibility Criteria »
Read the CIFVF's Mission and its eligibility and selection criteria for funding film and video projects.

Guide - Development »
Before investing time and resources preparing an application, you should ensure that you and your project meet the Fund’s eligibility criteria. To this end, you should begin by reading the CIFVF’s Eligibility and Selection Criteria for Film and Video Applications.

Guide - Production & Post Production » provides advice on how to complete an application for development or production or post-production financing.

The CIFVF gratefully acknowledges the financial participation of the Department of Canadian Heritage.

Le Fonds reconnait L'appui financier du gouvernement du Canada par l'entremise du ministère du Patrimoine canadien.
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In order for the CIFVF to pay you the last payment for your production project, a number of pieces of documentation will be required.

Information on the documentation required can be found below.

Final Cost Related Documentation

  1. A detailed dated Final Cost Report;
  2. Summary of Financiers Form Click for sample of Summary of Financiers Form in PDF;
  3. Any long form production financing agreements which were not previously submitted. If you are unsure which, if any, long form agreements are outstanding, please contact the CIFVF office at (888) 386-5555.
Affidavit/Review Engagement Report/Audit
  • If the production costs are less than $200,000 - a final cost statement attached to an affidavit attesting to the costs expended is required.
    Click for Affidavit Form in Word or PDF;
  • If the production costs are between $200,000 and $500,000 - a Review Engagement Report. Click for sample of Review Engagement Report wording;
  • If the production costs are over $500,000 - an audited production cost statement.
Production & Promotion Material Information
  1. The final list of head and tail credits as it actually appears on the completed program:
    • The tail credits must include the CIFVF credit which must be spelled out in its entirety. There is no need to use the CIFVF logo if you do not wish to do so. The CIFVF credit shall appear as follows: Produced with the Participation of THE CANADIAN INDEPENDENT FILM & VIDEO FUND

      The credits of the Fund shall be on a most-favored-nation basis. All Fund credits shall at all times be easily legible and shall always be equal in font or logo size to the credits of other funders who have contributed similar amounts to the project. The Producer will acknowledge the assistance of the Fund, in writing and orally, at every opportunity and in any public screenings where the work is shown.

    • The tail credits must also include the “Canada” wordmark and the departmental signature (logo) for the Department of Canadian Heritage:
    • If the three credits are not on the film, the last payment will not be made.
    • The three credits should also be on any promotional material such as cassette cases and posters.
    • For Star Choice-funded projects, only the Star Choice and CIFVF credits are required.
    • All Logos are found under the Logos section of this website.
  2. The work in the following forms:
    i) one copy on 1/2" VHS videotape or DVD; and
    ii) one copy on Betacam videotape.
  3. Any production stills, slides or digital format photos on disk or CD or any additional publicity/promotion materials (e.g. posters, press kits,etc.)

    Please note that the CIFVF reserves the right to use any stills or slides in its own promotional material.

  4. Any teacher’s guides if available
Affidavit for Canadian Production Company

Click for Affidavit Form in PDF.

Proof of Canadian Content

Either a copy of the CRTC Certificate of Canadian Content or Part B from the Canadian Audio-Visual Certification Office.


  1. Written request for payment
  2. A report of all agreements entered into by the Producer for any future exploitation of the work, such as, but not limited to, reports from merchandising and other licensing agreements.