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Next deadline is March 6, 2008 by 4:00 p.m.

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Eligibility Criteria »
Read the CIFVF's Mission and its eligibility and selection criteria for funding film and video projects.

Guide - Development »
Before investing time and resources preparing an application, you should ensure that you and your project meet the Funds eligibility criteria. To this end, you should begin by reading the CIFVFs Eligibility and Selection Criteria for Film and Video Applications.

Guide - Production & Post Production » provides advice on how to complete an application for development or production or post-production financing.

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1. Can a project be submitted at any time to the CIFVF?
Answer: No. Projects will only be accepted at the specified deadlines, commencing one month prior to and up to 4:00 pm on the date of the deadline.

2. How many deadlines do you have every year?
Answer: There will only be one deadline in 2008: March 6, 2008. The CIFVF will not be accepting applications for Interactive Digital projects in 2008.

3. Does a Film and Video project have to have a broadcast license attached to it?
Answer: No. It is not necessary.

4. If the Film and Video project has a broadcast license attached to it, is the project ineligible?
Answer: No. A broadcast license does not disqualify the project.

5. If I have a broadcast license, do I need a distributor?
Answer: Yes, for Film and Video projects you need to have a Canadian-owned and controlled private sector non-theatrical distributor attached to the project. There is a list of distributors in the Distributors section. CIFVF cannot accept distribution arrangements with public sector agencies, either federal or provincial, or with distribution arms of CRTC-licensed broadcasters.

6. Can the producer submit more than one project per deadline?
Answer: Yes, for Film and Video projects the producer can submit one project in development and another project in p

7. Who is responsible for obtaining the letters of support from end users?
Answer: The producer is responsible for obtaining the letters of support for Film and Video projects from the end users. It is not the role of the distributor to do this.

8. How long does it take to get a decision from the CIFVF on projects?
Answer: It takes about eight to ten weeks from the time the application is received to the decisions being available.

9. Can the CIFVF provide help in completing the application for first time applicants?
Answer: Yes. The CIFVF provides a Guide on the web site for completing applications.