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Eligibility Criteria »
Read the CIFVF's Mission and its eligibility and selection criteria for funding film and video projects.

Guide - Development »
Before investing time and resources preparing an application, you should ensure that you and your project meet the Funds eligibility criteria. To this end, you should begin by reading the CIFVFs Eligibility and Selection Criteria for Film and Video Applications.

Guide - Production & Post Production » provides advice on how to complete an application for development or production or post-production financing.

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In order for the CIFVF to issue a contract and the first payment for your development project, a number of pieces of documentation will be required.

These documents are the following:

a) Updated confirmed financial structure for the project. If required, there is an example of a financial structure under Resources.
b) Copies of contracts from each of the financiers and/or broadcasters.
c) Updated budget.
d) Proof of registration of the company. A company may be incorporated as a corporation or registered as a sole proprietorship or partnership.
e) proof that the company is Canadian.


1. Normally, 90% of the total payment will be released at the first payment.
2. It takes the CIFVF office around 2-3 weeks to prepare the contract and the cheque.
3. Producer investment by deferrals, services or other means should not exceed 35% of the total budget. 'Deferrals' are defined as those taken by the producer and those taken by the crew, labs or other services. 'Investment' includes donations of goods and services.