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Read the CIFVF's Mission and its eligibility and selection criteria for funding film and video projects.-->

Guide - Development »
Before investing time and resources preparing an application, you should ensure that you and your project meet the Funds eligibility criteria. To this end, you should begin by reading the CIFVFs Eligibility and Selection Criteria for Film and Video Applications.

Guide - Production & Post Production » provides advice on how to complete an application for development or production or post-production financing.

The CIFVF gratefully acknowledges the financial participation of the Department of Canadian Heritage.

Le Fonds reconnait L'appui financier du gouvernement du Canada par l'entremise du ministère du Patrimoine canadien.
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The Canadian Independent Film and Video Fund ("CIFVF") recognizes that an individual's right to privacy is an essential right to be protected. We understand the importance in maintaining anonymity and protecting personal information in our care and control. Our relationships with those who contribute to the activities of CIFVF and those that participate in the services offered by CIFVF are founded on trust and we are committed to maintaining that trust.

For these reasons, our Privacy Policy provides all the safeguards as standardized in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, (the "PIPEDA"). It confirms our dedication to protecting privacy and maintaining the trust that individuals have placed in CIFVF. The CIFVF Privacy Policy is our guarantee that we will maintain the confidentiality and privacy of the personal information entrusted to us.

A copy of the full text of the CIFVF's Privacy Policy is available by contacting our office at: or by calling (888) 386-5555.


The CIFVF Privacy Policy applies to personal information about identifiable donors, members, applicants and stakeholders of CIFVF (collectively referred to as "stakeholder" or "stakeholders") that is collected, used or disclosed by CIFVF.

The Privacy Policy will not apply to the collection, use or disclosure of the following information:

(a) personal information that is aggregated in such a manner that it cannot be connected to a person; therefore any personal information that has been anonymized will not fall under the protection of the PIPEDA;

(b) personal information consisting of the name, address and telephone number of a subscriber that appears in a telephone directory that is available to the public, where the subscriber can refuse to have the personal information appear in the directory;

(c) the name, title, business address, e-mail address or telephone number of an employee of an organization; or

(d) information that is publicly available and is specified by regulation pursuant to the PIPEDA.


CIFVF does not collect identifying information about visitors to our website. We may collect non-identifying information about our visitors in order to create summary statistics and to determine the level of interest in information available on our site. This information would include such items as the date and time our site was accessed and the web browser used. CIFVF collects information about user's site usage through our server log files, including IP Addresses. Our website does not link IP Addresses to any personally identifiable information. In some cases, users' non-personal information may be automatically collected through the standard operation of CIFVF's Internet servers.

Please be advised that information voluntarily disclosed online in discussion areas or other public areas of our website can be collected, used and disclosed by third parties. Any submissions made to discussion areas or other public areas on our website are done at the user's risk and on the understanding that such information may be accessible to third parties. CIFVF will not be liable or held responsible for any damages that may result from such user activity.


CIFVF does not sell, barter, trade or give away personal information to third parties. For example, we do not provide our mailing lists to other organizations regardless of how worthwhile their causes may be.

CIFVF stores, maintains and protects personal information in conformity with the requirements of the PIPEDA. The PIPEDA describes ten principles for protecting personal information. CIFVF's privacy policy specifically addresses the manner in which CIFVF will comply with these ten principles.


Should you wish to obtain a copy of the full text of the CIFVF's Privacy Policy, please contact our office at: or by calling (888) 386-5555.